Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lil Flip - I Need Mine New Album

Huston rapper Lil Flip also came out with a new album called "I Need Mine" The release date for his album, just like Young Buck's, was march 27th and the album is now in stores. Lil flip is well known for his part in Chamillionaire's song called "Turn It Up". His new CD will be 2 discs. On the first dick there is a total of 20 songs, and the second one has 17 songs, so this might be a good investment if you like a lot of songs for your money.

His CD will be featuring some very well known artist, such as Rick Ross and Jim Jones. Another very big star that will be featured on his new CD is Chamillionaire. Chamillionaire and Lil Flip will be singing "Playes 4 Life" which is track number 6 in disc one, if you care to know.

Along with his new album he will be releasing videos for his singles. He has not specified any more information, but he did say that he will be releasing at least 3 videos for this album.

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